Light Industrial Coatings is an unparalleled selection of highly effective product solutions from Nippon Paint India. Nippon Paint India, Light Industrial Coatings aspires to be a leader in the development of innovative coatings technology. Each product is formulated with specific performance characteristics to get the job done with superior efficiency and performance.

Amongst the extensive and versatile range you will find efficient products to suit virtually any application, substrate and budget. Features includes single-pack and two-pack coatings, a wide choice of colours and a variety of anti-corrosion properties to suit different needs, along with environmentally friendly product options.


Our Mission is to provide customers with outstanding value through quality products at affordable prices.


To be recognized as a leading and sustainable manufacturer of paint in India. Our aim is to adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct in our dealings with our customers and suppliers and be their most preferred choice.


Nax Valuethane Yellow is an economic acrylic urethane 2K System which provides a high film build combined with excellent gloss and hiding. It is designed to have an outstanding durability and chemical resistance.
This range consists of:
  • Primers – PU Primers, Epoxy Primers & other specialized primers like Zinc Rich Primers
  • PU Topcoats – Acrylic PU Topcoats of varied colors
  • Thinners – Epoxy & PU Thinner
Ideal for Application on:
Agricultural Equipment, Special Industrial Vehicles, Three Wheelers & Five Wheelers, General Industries, Trucks, Trailers and Tippers


  • 1. Valuethane Epoxy Primer
  • 2. Valuethane Epoxy Buff Primer for wet on wet application
  • 3. Valuethane PU Primer for wet on wet application
  • 4. Valuethane Fast Drying PU Primer
  • 5. Valuethane PU Topcoats – Equivalent to RAL Shades
  • 6. Valuethane PU Thinner
  • 7. Valuethane Epoxy Thinner
  • 8. Valuethane Zin Rich Primer with 65% Zinc Content


Few of our prestigious customers:
  • 1. Beri Udyog Pvt. Ltd. ( Field King Farm Equipments)
  • 2. Mauria Udyog, Faridabad
  • 3. Shivam Tippers, Bilaspur
  • 4. Cebbco, Indore
  • 5. Tippers & Trailers, Bangalore
  • 6. Bhiwadi Cylinders
  • 7. JS Auto, Kanpur
  • 8. MGS Auto, Lucknow


• Short Blasting/Abrading
• Epoxy/PU Primer Application
• PU Top Coat/ Transcoat