Sparkle Car Combo Kit: Wash & Wax, Leather Cleaner & Conditioner & Liquid Wax For A Sparkling Shine

Sparkle Combos are an easy way to get a sparkling clean and shiny car and also save some money on the offer. The products are from the sparkle range from Nippon Paint and are based on the DIY principle of car care and car cleaning products. All the 3 products are simple in their use and don’t require much effort and provide an excellent shine.


It is a high foam building product designed to wash and protect. This removes dirt and leaves a glossy finish and shine. The wash and wax shampoo does not damage the paint coating on the surface being cleaned. The formula contains Carnauba wax that ensures a glossy finish and protection against UV damage. The wash and wax shampoo is highly durable as it protects the car from minor scratches and even giving a high gloss finish to the paint.


The Liquid wax would be the next step in the combo. This liquid wax is very easy to apply and remove. It also helps get the natural shine back without much effort. The liquid wax stays on for a longer time compared to the other cleaning waxes available in the market and even helps removing minor scratches from the surface. It ensures no damage to the surfaces on which it is being used. It will not fade color or damage the paint finish.




The leather cleaner and conditioner is a one stop product for cleaning and conditioning leather and all leather parts. It cleans, shines and protects leather without using harsh chemicals. Conditions and moisturizes leather making it soft, lustrous and feel good. It protects the leather from cracking, dulling and fading thereby increasing it’s life. The product is also Water repellent and leaves no oily residue.


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