SPARKLE COMBO: Waterless Wash, Glass Cleaner, Engine Dresser

Combos exist to keep the maintenance and best interests of your car at heart. Combos also make the life of the user easier. One such combo is the Waterless Wash, Glass Cleaner, Engine Dresser

All these products are DIY and extremely easy to use, not to mention affordable and worth the price!

Waterless Wash, Glass Cleaner, Engine Dresser:

Waterless Wash is an easier alternative to cleaning. It helps to save water and gives excellent results. Sparkle Waterless Wash guarantees a deep cleaning and an optimum gloss to your car without any damages or residue.  It is a complete waterless system which cleans, shines and protects all vehicles. Wash your car without water in no time, Designed to produce a scratch-free, swirl-free shine.

The Sparkle Glass Cleaner provides an excellent shine and gloss to the glass. It guarantees a streak-free finish without causing any damages or leaving behind any residue or greasiness. The cleaner is a multipurpose product and can be used for automobiles, homes, kitchens etc.

Sparkle Engine Dresser removes dirt, grime, grease etc. It provides a high gloss and shine while cleaning and protecting the engine surface from weathering and rubbing effects. The dresser has a non-greasy formula which is suitable for all types of vehicles and safe for use on engine parts for 2-wheelers and cars. This helps you clean areas that are hard to reach.

All 3 products give the best result when used with the Sparkle Microfibre Cloth.


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