Sparkle Combo: Waterless Wash, Microfibre Cloth, Wash Mitt

Sparkle products have been grouped into many combos for your use. One such combo is the Waterless Wash, 4 in 1 Microfibre Cloth and the Wash Mitt. This combo is perfect for your car as it will ensure optimum cleaning and an excellent gloss.

Waterless Wash:

The Sparkle Waterless Wash is a complete waterless system that cleans, shines and protects all vehicles. It is a DIY product which is simple to use and cleans all the dirt and dust from your car without damaging or leaving any residue. The waterless wash is a quick and tidy alternative to using water for cleaning your cars.

4 in 1 Microfibre Cloth:

A microfibre Cloth is the best cloth to use with any cleaning product or solution. It is lint-free, non-abrasive and guarantees a scratch-free performance. This is a better cloth to clean with as it has a higher absorption power and cleans all dirt and dust effectively. Being Eco-friendly and machine washable, you can reuse this multiple time which helps you save time and money.

Wash Mitt:

The Wash Mitt is a product that has rubber/polymer along with microfibre technology. It picks up dirt and dust effortlessly and glides on the surface smoothly. Due to it’s size, it is perfect for washing, waxing or polishing. It is clear-coat safe and scratch-free.


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