Using a car always results in a dirty tyre. They are only ever clean as and around the time you have cleaned it. Preventing tyres from getting dirty is almost impossible, but it is possible to prevent them from cracking, dulling and fading which, in the future, leads to a  decrease in the life of the tyres.

Spending a huge amount of money on tyre maintenance and replacement is not the only way to go. There is a easy and affordable way to keep your tyres in a good condition and make the most use out of all the tyres.

Nippon Paint’s Tyre Dresser from the Sparkle range is a water based dresser that ensures optimum gloss and shine. It comes in a ready to use, DIY bottle and is simple yet effective. The dresser effortlessly cleans and protects tyres leaving a non-greasy finish or any residue. It contains the finest silicone polymers; is water repellent and oil free; you can use the dresser without getting any residue or white cast on your tyres.

The Tyre Dresser is a must buy for all as it keeps the tyres shiny and black and also provides protection against cracking, dulling and fading and increases the life of the tyres.


1. Clean the tyres before application

2. Apply the product directly on tyres

3. Wipe clean with a microfibre Cloth

Nippon Sparkle Tyre Dresser - YouTube


GET IT HERE: https://amzn.to/2XWC5Hq

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