Which is better the Sparkle Microfibre Cloth or the Sparkle Wash Mitt?

The Microfibre Cloth and the Wash Mitt are 2 products that you use to clean. You can use these on automobiles, in your homes, offices and even kitchens!
Both of these are exceptionally good and considered Eco-friendly as they are reusable several time which save you time and money! They are affordable, easily available and don’t cause any damages.

Microfibre Cloth:

A Microfibre Cloth is a superior product for cleaning. The Sparkle Microfibre Cloth is a lint-free and non-abrasive cloth that makes your cleaning experience much faster and better.
As mentioned above, it is Eco-friendly and it has a higher absorption power. It picks up dirt and dust effectively and with ease. The microfibre technology ensures that the cloth has fine, soft fibres that don’t damage the surface and prevent the formation of any scratches.
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Wash Mitt:

A wash mitt is somewhat similar to a microfibre cloth. The Sparkle Wash Mitt is formulated with the best of rubber/polymer technology and microfibre technology. It is large in size which makes it perfect for washing, waxing and polishing. Like the microfibre cloth, it also has a high absorption power and effortlessly picks up all dirt from the surfaces. A wash mitt should be soaked in water before using it; while the microfibre cloth can be used dry or wet.
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Both the Microfiber cloth and Wash Mitt can be used on multiple surfaces without causing any damage and can be used with many products. Use any of the two for a scratch-free and streak-free finish and for excellent results.
You can rely on any of these products to clean, shine and polish your vehicle. They each have their own benefits and uses, and each should be used according to what you want to clean and how tough the stain or dirt is.

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