Best Cleaning Combo For Your Car!

The best cleaning combo for your car in the markets these days is the SPARKLE WATERLESS WASH, SPARKLE INTERIOR CLEANER AND THE SPARKLE MICROFIBRE CLOTH!

These products are all Do-it-Yourself or DIY which are in trend as it helps you to save time and energy. All the products are economical and easy to use and don’t require any additional products or equipment. These 3 products together truly do make the best cleaning combo for your car!

Waterless Wash:

The sparkle waterless wash is an innovative product. It requires no water to clean a car and hence saves 30L of water per car wash and also provides deep cleaning to your car and an optimum gloss which makes your car look new. It is an Eco-friendly product that is ideal for a quick and tidy clean up any time during the day. Always use the waterless wash with a microfibre cloth.With this product you are saving time and money but are also saving the environment!!


Interior Cleaner:

The interior cleaner is the best product to keep the interiors of your car clean and fresh. You can use this product on every surface inside a car and it will give the same results. This product is formulated to have special silica that bolsters dirt and dust removal with ease. It also does not leave behind any residue or any greasiness. After using the interior cleaner, you will achieve a streak-free, excellent shine. Always use the interior cleaner with a microfibre cloth.


Microfibre Cloth:

Sparkle Microfibre Cloth is great cloth to clean any and every surface. It is lint-free, non-abrasive and formulated with microfibre technology which makes cleaning, waxing and conditioning very easy and quick. The cloth has a high absorption power that makes it a better option than other cloths. It is also Eco-friendly as it can be machine washed and then reused several times; this saves money, time and frequently purchasing and throwing out different cloths.


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