Sparkle: Liquid Wax Kit

The Sparkle Car Wax kit is here to make your life easy and your car shiny. It’s a small compact kit which includes a liquid wax, a microfiber cloth and a small sponge for the application of the wax on the desired area.

Liquid Wax

The liquid car wax is specifically designed and is suitable for all kinds of painted surfaces. It provides high gloss and a durable finish on fully cured paintwork without much effort. It is extremely easy to apply and remove, all you have to do is clean the vehicle before application, pour the product and then wipe it clean with the microfiber cloth which is provided in the kit. This liquid wax is durable and stays on for a longer period of time; it also has micro polishers which help in removing minor scratches from the surface. It is a great product because it has multiple uses, it can be effectively used to clean dirt and stains from almost all types of painted surfaces like cars, bikes, three-wheeler etc. Not only does it help in repairing minor scratches but it also ensures no damage to the surface being cleaned or fading in the color or the paint finish of the surface, rather it brings back the natural shine and luster of the car. The car wax is also a must buy for people because it restores the surface of the vehicle and furthermore also protects the car from  harmful UV rays and adds a water repellent film which makes sure that your car is given an all round protection.

Microfiber Cloth

The microfiber cloth is created with microfiber technology that provides excellent results and can also be used on multiple surfaces. It is a scratch-free cloth which acts as a magnet and traps the dust. This makes the cleaning process much easier and effective. This cloth has a high absorption power compared to other cloths, it is lint-free and non-abrasive and picks up dirt, dust etc with ease. The best thing about this cloth is that it is reusable and can be machine washed which also makes it Eco-friendly.

The car wax kit is easily available on different platforms which make it easily accessible to many people. The kit is also an all-inclusive kit which makes cleaning and restoring of the surface very quick and hassle-free. It’s a best seller because it cleans and then does much more for your car!


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