Multipurpose Microfiber Cloth

The microfiber cloth from Nippon Paint is a must have product if you are an avid cleaner or polisher of your car. This cloth has been created with microfiber technology that provides excellent results and can be used on multiple surfaces. It has a high absorption power as compared to other cloths. It is also lint free and non abrasive hence it does not leave behind any scratches or marks after cleaning. It effortlessly picks up dirt, dust, hair etc.

The cloth is also machine washable and therefore it is Eco-friendly.

Some tips for using a microfiber cloth

  • To make the most of a micro-fiber cleaning cloth, use only one section at a time. Fold the cloth into half, then in half again.
  • When using the micro-fiber cloth for the first-time, soak it in a bucket for a few minutes. Start on the paintwork as opposed to alloys and wheels to avoid scratches.
  • Micro-fiber cloth lasts long and can take up to 500 washings.
  • Wash the micro-fiber cloth in the washing machine with detergent only. Tumble it dry on low heat or no heat. Doing this will not only get the cloth ready for the next washing operation, but also make it last longer.
  • Always choose a good brand of car micro-fiber cloth. No micro-fiber cloth is the same. Certainly not, if it is not of a car grade. When the cloth starts to leave behind dirt or lint, or if it has been used a few minutes, re-fold to a fresh section to achieve the best result.

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