Sparkle Waterless Wash wins Green Product of the Year at the ACI Awards 2020

In February, 2020, Nippon Paint India won the award for the GREEN PRODUCT OF THE YEAR. This was awarded to our product, the Sparkle Waterless Wash.

The award was presented to the Waterless Wash in recognition of it’s environmental importance of being an Eco-friendly and a D-I-Y product. This product not only saves water but also saves time. It provides excellent cleansing for your car and also makes certain that the process is quick and tidy. The product comes in a ready-to-use bottle and does not require the consumption of water!

The environmental benefits of this product are immense. It eliminates the usage of water during a car wash as well as saves time, money and water. Since you don’t have to use detergents, there is no disposal of chemicals in the rivers, lakes etc.

Sparkle: Waterless Wash is a new innovative idea for cleaning your car and apart from being incredibly easy to use, it is also environmentally forward in terms of not having to use water at all. This product limits the accumulation of water on the streets after a car wash, creates a protective layer and a long lasting shine.

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